Open Humanities Awards: SEA CHANGE update 1

*This is the first in a series of posts from Dr Rainer Simon, one the recipients of the DM2E Open Humanities Awards – Open track.*

SEA CHANGE aims to facilitate the mass annotation of places in Historic Geospatial Documents (both geographic texts and maps) in two hackathon-style annotation workshops. We are pleased to announce that the first of these workshops will take place at the University of Heidelberg, on October 30-31. Our special thanks go to Lukas Loos from the Institute of Geography who has kindly offered to be our host for this event.

SEA CHANGE is part of the Pelagios project, an extensive network that is interlinking annotated online resources that document the past. The results from SEA CHANGE will feed back into Pelagios, making our interlinked resources even richer and more extensive. In preparation, those of us at Pelagios have already been annotating a range of Greek literary texts with a specific geographic focus, and have compiled a candidate list of documents from the European Middle Ages to work with next. On the technical side, we have extended our digital toolbox to allow us to annotate high-resolution imagery.

We’ve prepared a little sneak preview in the screencast above. The real thing will make its first live & hands-on appearance at the workshop. In case you happen to be around, and your curiosity is piqued, you are welcome to join us, subject to space & availability. If you are interested, then do drop us a line – first come, first serve!


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