Pundit Winner at the LODLAM competition

**We proudly announce that Pundit as been awarded with the first prize at the [LODLAM challenge](http://summit2013.lodlam.net/challenge/) in Montreal. This is very exiting news for everybody involed, and one more motivation to continue improving the semantic annotation and visualization tools we are working on!** The prize is awarded each year to projects, data visualizations, tools, mashups, […]

#AllezCulture – Fight for Europeana’s CEF Funding

*The following post was written by the Europeana Steering Group of Europeana Board member volunteers.* **Fight for Europeana and Europeana Network and Projects future funding** From 2015 onwards, Europeana’s funding is to come from the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). However, in early February 2013, a massive budget cut for this scheme was proposed […]

Pundit Workshop at the National Library of the Netherlands

**On Thursday the 23d of May, the [Open Knowledge Foundation](https://okfn.org) organised together with [Net7](http://www.netseven.it/) and the [National Library of the Netherlands](http://kb.nl) the first [Pundit](http://thepund.it) workshop aimed at digital humanities scholars and librarians. During this day, the idea of Open Humanities research was debated and Pundit was used to annotate the digitised manuscript collection of the […]

Pundit in the final phase of the LODLAM challenge

**We are very happy to announce that Pundit has made it to the final round of the [LODLAM](http://summit2013.lodlam.net/) (Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives and Museums) challenge.** This means the Pundit team will be presenting the tool to semantically annotate text to an international crowd of linked open data professionals in Montréal. During the summit […]

Pundit Workshop in Den Hague

**On Thursday the 23d of May, the [DM2E project](https://dm2e.eu) and the [The National library of the Netherlands](http://kb.nl) will organise the first Pundit workshop focussed on the digital humanities. We invite humanities scholars to join us during this one day event to learn what Pundit is and how it can be used in humanities research.** [The […]

Pundit Hackday – 3rd and Saturday 4th May in Pisa, Italy

**[Net7](http://www.netseven.it), [The Open Knowledge Foundation](http://www.okfn.org) and the DM2E project present the first Pundit Hackday: an open hackathon about [Pundit](http://thepund.it), the novel semantic web annotation tool that is being developed as part of the DM2E project. Parallel we will run a users workshop.** To get an idea what Pundit is about, have a look at this […]

DM2E Presents The Web as Literature, 10th June 2013, British Library

We would like to invite you to the [Web as Literature](http://webasliterature.org), a one day event of talks and workshops exploring Linked Open Data and its revolutionary potential for the humanities brought to you by the [DM2E project](https://dm2e.eu) and [Judaica Europeana](http://www.judaica-europeana.eu/). Taking place on 10th June 2013 and hosted by the British Library the event will […]

Ontotext new associated partner of DM2E

During the DM2E meeting in Vienna, some exciting news was announced. [Ontotext](http://www.ontotext.com/), a Bulgarian company that develops core semantic technology, text mining and web mining solutions will become an associated partner of the project. It was agreed that Ontotext will provide licenses to their [OWLIM-SE](http://www.ontotext.com/owlim) triple store and will also provide technical assistance for installation […]

DM2E All-WP Meeting in Vienna

On Friday the 30th of December, all the Work Packages of the Digitised Manuscripts to Europeana project gathered in Vienna to discuss the results of the last 6 months. Stefan Gradman presents the Scholarly Domain Model during the All-WP meeting in the Austrian National Library The morning started with a presentation from all the Work […]

DM2E to start work on Wittgenstein’s Brown Book

As part of the Digitised Manuscripts to Europeana (DM2E) project, a group of scholars will begin working on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s [Brown Book](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_and_Brown_Books) in early 2013. This document will be made available to Europeana by the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen (WAB). [Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wittgenstein) (26 April 1889 – 29 April 1951) was […]