About DM2E

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**The Linked Open Data Web has the potential to revolutionise humanities scholarship as we know it.**

Yet at present a great deal of valuable humanities data is held as heterogeneous metadata in information silos, often with inappropriate licensing terms that restrict the re-use of this material. On top of this, scholars need a new generation of tools to help them interact with the Linked Open Data Web and capture its full potential.

The DM2E project addresses all three of these challenges: Focusing on digitised manuscripts it is developing an unobtrusive, flexible, and scalable workflow for data migration to Europeana and data provision to the Linked Open Data Web. It is building a community of cultural heritage professionals and activists committed to exploring new licensing models for content and data via its [OpenGLAM network](https://openglam.org) and is building an innovative suite of tools fit for 21st century humanities scholarship.