The Web & Digital Humanities: What about Semantics?

This Friday (20th April 2012) Professor Stefan Gradmann and Dr Tobias Blanke will join a panel at the WWW 2012 conference in Lyon, France to discuss the opportunities and challenges that the semantic web poses for the humanities.

The most pertinent questions of the day within the Digital Humanities will be addressed including:

  • How do we encourage participation amongst a Humanities community that historically has low technical literacy and limited interested in complex data modelling?
  • To what extent does the Semantic Web require and/or benefit from open access and decentralisation and how well will that fit with the expectations and rewards structures based on traditional modes of Humanities publication and dissemination?
  • Are Semantic technologies the ultimate digital divide – powerful tools for those who can make use of them but computational voodoo to everyone else?
  • What might the Humanities themselves have to say about this new medium and what light does it shed on the way humans communicate and interact?

We expect DM2E to become a point of discussion particularly the work to be undertaken on modeling large semantic scholarly graphs and the role Linked Open cultural heritage will have in the project.

For more details on the event and other panelist visit the WWW 2012 website.

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