Pundit Winner at the LODLAM competition

**We proudly announce that Pundit as been awarded with the first prize at the [LODLAM challenge](http://summit2013.lodlam.net/challenge/) in Montreal.
This is very exiting news for everybody involed, and one more motivation to continue improving the semantic annotation and visualization tools we are working on!**

Simone Fonda receives the LODLAM award in Montreal

The prize is awarded each year to projects, data visualizations, tools, mashups, meshups, and all types of use cases that “Create demonstrable use cases that leverage Linked Open Data in libraries, archives and museums.”

See [the Pundit video submitted at LODLAM and other introductory videos](http://www.thepund.it/introductory-videos/).

Pundit had to compete with an [incredibly strong set of other projects and tools](http://summit2013.lodlam.net/2013/06/19/lodlam-challenge-finalists-for-your-consideration/), which makes us extra proud of winning this award.

A big thank you goes to all the developers, scholars, content providers and community members who supported Pundit over the last years and helped growing the tool to this moment. Without the invaluable feedback this would not have been possible.

Pundit is open-source and [AGPL](http://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl.html), if you are a developer and you want to be updated on how Pundit evolves … or put your ideas on the table, [this google group](https://groups.google.com/d/forum/thepundit) might be of interest.

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