Pundit Hackday Report, Pisa

Net7 and the team of developers brainstorming how to implement Pundit user interface improvements

**On the 3rd May 2013 the team that has been leading the development work on DM2E’s flagship Digital Humanities tool, [Pundit](http://thepund.it), got together with other developers and humanities researchers to brainstorm and implement ways of improving Pundit.**

On the day groups were divided up to work on particular challenges and tasks.

###Group 1: Improving the Pundit user interface

The main problem addressed on the day was that users need a quick and intuitive way of performing batch annotations such as linking various bits of text to a given category. The solution explored on the day was to create annotation templates.

Some of the user interface mock-ups based on this idea of annotation templates can be found below:

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 18.02.58

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 18.03.09

###Group 2: Improving Ask.The.Pundit

Ask The Pundit is a prototype web service for visualising notebooks of annotations created in Pundit.

Work on the day focussed on the trying out ways that notebooks could be annotated. Based on previous consultations with researchers the group decided that notebooks should be able to be viewed as annotation centric, entity centric (grouped around a given digital resource) or through 3rd party web services such as LodLive.

Below are some early mock-ups of the kind of user interfaces they were developing:


###Scholarly consultation session and user testing

On the second day of the hack the Pundit team worked with a team of humanities researchers, who gave feedback on the current version of Pundit. The key suggestions they had were:

* Allow users to create custom visualisations in [Edgemaps](http://mariandoerk.de/edgemaps/) using their chosen predicates
* Allow users to customise their experience in Pundit more
* Allow users to perform full text searches of annotations
* Allow users to reply to annotation
* Automatic recognition of dates

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