Workpackage 2: Open workflows

OmNom is the user interface for the Web-based workflows with which users can ingest their data into [Europeana]( and publish them as Linked Open Data via the DM2E triple store. It is the access point to the Workpackage 2 interoperability infrastructure.

Several other services and models had to be integrated to make this possible. The DM2E model had to be specified in order to represent rich metadata on manuscripts. It specialises the [Europeana Data Model (EDM)]( where needed in order to enable data representations in RDF without losing much of the semantics found in the original metadata (more on this below). In addition, tools were needed with which mappings from the provided metadata to the DM2E model could be created. These mappings are implemented as XSLT scripts.

One tool for creating XSLT scripts is the MINT mapping tool but also handwritten XSLT-scripts can be used for the ingestion. Files containing the provider’s metadata in various formats as well as the XSLT scripts containing the mapping instructions can be uploaded and used in OmNom. The user builds a workflow in OmNom where he specifies which metadata file(s) will be processed with which XSLT script and states further information on the mappings in the job configuration like a provider and a collection abbreviation.

An important functionality of OmNom is that it is built on open workflows which result from a combination of Linked Data and REST principles. Every entity within a workflow as well as every workflow itself is a resource. This enables not only that the tool or published results can be reused but also to reuse intermediate steps or results in the tool that are part of a complete workflow. This functionality needs an ontology which describes entities and processes that are part of the tool: the OmNom and the OmNom types vocabulary. The mapped data is stored in a triple store and directly shown via Pubby and in a WP3 search interface.

Below is a graphic that illustrates the components of the DM2E infrastructure and how they relate to OmNom:

OmNom graphic

DM2E Data Model

One of the primary outputs of the DM2E project, specifically Workpackage 2, is a specialisation of the Europeana Data Model for digitised manuscripts: the DM2E Data Model. The DM2E data model is currently available in three different forms which can be downloaded below:

* [The textual model description](
* [The owl ontology](
* [The web representation](

###OmNom Screencast

OmNom Screencast from DM2E on Vimeo.

###OmNom documentation

A full-set of technical and user documentation can be found on the [DM2E Wiki](